YPP Theory of Change

YPP Identifies and Trains High School and College students
as “Math Literacy Workers” (MLWs)

Math Literacy Workers teach math to elementary students
at afterschool programs and summer camps

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In doing so Math Literacy Workers...

  1. Improve academic outcomes for elementary school students.
  2. Determine and pursue a path to success, which
    includes a college education.
  3. Act to remove institutional and systemic barriers to
    their own individual success and the collective success
    of their peers.

Our Story

Bounce The Ball

Maisha Moses, Executive Director at the Young People's Project, will share reflections about the legacy of the Algebra Project, Civil Rights and mathematics, and Math Literacy Workers in public schools. Veteran teacher and Manager of Boston Public Schools' Pipeline Programs, Dr. Abdi Ali, will mo...



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