Kenzavien Bulter

  • Kenzavien Bulter
  • Jackson, MS

What made me come to YPP was that Keke asked me did I want to make some money, and I said “yes” and I came.

The most important thing is learning to break down large numbers in order to make it easier to find your answer.

 When I first became part of YPP, I could not speak in front of people. Now it is easy for me to speak publicly.  

Speaking in public is the best skill that I could have learned at YPP that I thought I would have never been able to learn.

The thing that I enjoy the most about YPP is the money. Helping other kids with their education while have fun is also something that I enjoy about YPP.

 My overall experience at YPP has been good. I have meet a couple of cool people. I have not really talked to anyone of Mississippi. I will do so soon, though.