Byron Hannah

  • Byron Hannah
  • Boston , MA

From:Fort Washington, Maryland

Age: 21, attends North Carolina A&T State University

How’d you hear about YPP: Through the United Negro College Fund

How long have you been doing it: Since June 6th

What do you enjoy about it: I really enjoy when the students start to understand and he concepts that we are trying to get them to understand what’s going on. Just seeing that, as we matriculate through the next few weeks I’m going to get to see so much more of that. 

How has YPP affected you? Definitley it already has changed my perspective in that math can be taught in so many ways. I’m actually a math education student at school, and this program like, just really opened up my mind to how students can get content through things other than lectures. So YPP has really showed me that, and it’s also really showed me that some people don’t really have math confidence. And that’s what a lot of people lack, and I just need to that person to kind of like change that. 

What do you do in your spare time?

I handle business, I hang out with my friends, I have fun.