Yvelene Logiste

  • Yvelene Logiste
  • Boston, MA

Where are you from: Palm Beach County, Florida

Age: 18

How long have you been doing YPP: I started in September 2015

What do you enjoy about YPP: I love seeing kids getting into the games and the activities or the games that we do with them. And even though it’s about math, sometimes they just forget about math and just enjoy the activities. And it just kind of reflects on how I was younger, I also struggled with math, and to do this actually helps me build on like my multiplication, and seeing the kids go through that makes me happy. I like that. 

How has YPP affected you. YPP made me more confident in math, and just helped me build a stronger relationship with how to problem solve. Like when Kessen talks about like life lessons, stuff like that. 

What are your other interests: I like helping people in general. During the school year, I worked at Spalding, and I’m a CNA, so I helped patients, and feeding them and stuff. Just like hanging out with friends, and yeah, just getting my life together. 

 How’d you hear about it: My friend Shauna told me about YPP cause she thought I’d be really interested in it and really good working here, and at first I was kind of skeptical, cause it’s like math, but now I’m hear and I love it and it’s really fun.