Chaurice McMillan

  • Chaurice McMillan
  • Boston, MA

Age: 18

From: Boston, Ma

How long have you worked with YPP: Since December

What do you like about YPP: I like the program because it’s more than just helping kids with math, because you need math to do a lot nowadays. A lot of kids in inner city schools aren’t getting the type of math education they need, and they move onto the next grade without learning anything, so I think it’s helpful to play games and make math fun and learn the basics, that way they can be good at math and be successful. 

How has YPP affected you: I feel like since I’ve started working here, I’ve been thinking about how things start, like seeing a problem and being like “how did that begin” since we’re trying to start at the root of the problem to be helpful to children. 

Other interests outside YPP: I don’t do much. Well, actually I just started a Facebook group and my friends and I are trying to do something about the police brutality issues that have been going on, so I guess technically I’m an activist? Otherwise, I’m pretty boring.