Math Playbook 2020

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On April 2nd, YPP scholars from the Cambridge Public Schools were planning to share their ideas on how to make middle school math more engaging at the MIT Museum. Event-goers would have experienced explorations led by scholars and listened to their co-design process that highlighted creative ways to teach and learn math. Due to COVID-19, plans were changed. Instead, scholars have highlighted how imaginative, participatory, and collaborative opportunities foster meaningful learning experiences in this online presentation and playbook.

Scratch (BMM Curriculum)

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A SCRATCH curriculum binder, developed by College and High School students from YPP in Greater Boston. This work was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation's ITEST program ("Bridging Math and Digital Media Literacy Creation").

Flagway Game Day Comic

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Comic of a Flagway game day.

Scratch Road Coloring Module

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YPP Brochure

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YPP Basics

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Flagway Campaign

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Brochure with information on YPP’s National Flagway Campaign

Learning and Teaching, Leading and Organizing

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Learning, Teaching, Leading and Organizing Workshop Outline

Mathematics and Democracy: The Case for Quantitative Literacy

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For both Dewey and Cremin, the matter becomes even more complexwhen we ask what literacy means in a society dedicated to democraticideals and informed by an ethos of individual freedom. In democratic set-tings, Cremin says, it is important to distinguish between what he calls“inert” and “liberating” literacy. As Cremin defines these terms, the for-mer is that level of verbal and numerate skill required to comprehendinstructions, perform routine procedures, and complete tasks in a rotemanner. From a social perspective, this is that measure of literacy we might expect to find applied in a cultural setting in which tradition prevails and customs are securely in place, and where opportunities for freedom, choice, and innovation are limited. To speak of literacy as “lib-erating,” however, assumes a much more challenging standard by whichindividuals command both the enabling skills needed to search out infor-mation and the power of mind necessary to critique it, reflect upon it, andapply it in making decisions. It is only this more expansive and demand-ing meaning of literacy, or what Dewey calls “popular enlightenment,”that can inform and animate a vital democracy. Indeed, Dewey reminds us, a successful democracy is conceivable only when and where individuals are able to “think for themselves,” “judge independently,” and discriminate between good and bad information.

Tiles and Cubes (Sample Math Activity)

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Tiles and Cubes Activities

QECR Policy Statement

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Quality Education as a Constitutional Right policy statement. For more info go to

Finding Our Folk Press Kit

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Finding Our Folk Overview, Articles and Pictures


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A NeighborCircle is "a good conversation over dinner with neighbors." That's pretty much it. So, why do we need a guide for this? Don't we all already know how to do that? Well, apparently not... Click here to read more.