Zarius "Larry" Johnson

  • Zarius "Larry" Johnson
  • Jackson, MS

What brought you to YPP?

Over the years, before I joined YPP, I have always had family that were apart of the program. So, once I became old enough, one of my cousins invited me to join the program. I volunteered for a little while, and ''before you knew it'' I was a Math Literacy Worker.

 What have you learned from YPP?

I have learned so many different things from YPP. One of the most valuable things that I have learned from YPP is to always think positive. Dealing with young people everyday, you must learn how to take your time and also adjust your mind to always think positive. When you think positive, your outcome is positive.

 What can you do now that you could not do before?

I can now make decisions that are nonviolent versus violent in order to get a certain outcome. Before YPP, I usually would not care if I was being violent or nonviolent as long as I got the results that I wanted. Now, I use a more positive approach and get the same resolution.

What are some marketable skills you’ve been taught and how have you applied them in school and at work?

A marketable skill that I have been taught through YPP is patience. I use patience in everything that I do in life, now. I have learned that everything does not happen fast and most things take time and patience.

 What do you enjoy most about YPP.

The things that I enjoy the most about YPP are having fun with the young people and making them happy. There is not too many things that I love more than seeing a young person smile.

 My overall experience at YPP.

I have been apart of YPP for 6 or 7 years, and I really love this program. Being apart of YPP, has taught me so many great things about life. I honestly do not ever want to stop working with YPP. That is just how much I love it. YPP is tremendous, and I would recommend any young person in the world to join this wonderful program.