YPP San Francisco (@ June Jordan High School)


YPP San Francisco started alongside the Algebra Project at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School (TMAHS) in 2008. Marcus Hung, an Algebra Project high school teacher, has been the main advocate in the development of YPP- San Francisco. He piloted YPP at TMAHS in 2008 by training many of his Algebra Project students to be MLWs. The TMAHS YPP ran for two successful years, working with two different elementary schools and involving more than 20 MLWs, many of whom participated in leading workshops for educators in various local conferences.

When Marcus transitioned to June Jordan School for Equity (JJSE) he started another YPP there as well. The JJSE YPP was and still is run by former TMAHS YPP MLWs. Through a generous grant from the city’s Department of Children, Youth, & their Families (DCYF) JJSE has been able to establish a sustainable program serving both high school MLWs as well as nearby elementary school students. JJSE MLWs are learning to pass on their math knowledge by conducting weekly Wednesday workshops for 4th and 5th grade students in their after school program. They are not only helping elementary students by running math related workshops but also themselves bettering their own math and leadership skills. In keeping with the goals of the DCYF grant, JJSE YPP is working to build math literacy as well as providing a safe space for our youth to be academically engaged and employed.  


Department of Children, Youth, & their Families
San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools
Cleveland Elementary School
San Francisco Community School
San Francisco State University's Center for Science and Mathematics Education


Maria Avalos, Program Coordinator
YPP @ June Jordan School for Equity
325 La Grande Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone: (415) 452-4922