YPP NYC (@ The Commons)


YPP, in partnership with Strycker’s Bay Neighborhood Council and The DOME Project, has created a NYC math literacy hub for The West Side Commons on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Through the partnership, The Commons creates a pipeline for math literacy programming for 3rd grade elementary school students who will follow the YPP curriculum in each grade thereafter through to High School; they will then become Math Literacy Workers and further develop their understanding of math, while building leadership skills and workplace experience. This year marks the first transition of a Math Literacy Worker to the College Math Literacy Worker position, a success for our overall goals with the program.

The partnership allows for connecting a community that already has programming in place for college readiness, job training, SAT prep, and cultural activities with a much needed Math and Social Justice component through the YPP curriculum. Working with an entire community dedicated to serving its children will help spread YPP culture and the effectiveness of our outcomes. This collaboration began in 2012 and we are excited to continue to implement more training, staff, and curriculum to help consistently meet our shared goals.


Kelley Williams, Executive Director
The Westside Commons

696 Amsterdam Ave
New York, New York
(212) 874-7272