Tamia Truitt

  • Tamia Truitt
  • Chicago, IL

Tamia Truitt is a 15 year old sophomore at Collins Academy High School and a Math Literacy Worker in Chicago, IL.

Tamia has remained committed to YPP since the 2014 fall session. Tamia came into YPP with a very reserved attitude which some may categorize as shyness. Tamia liked to observe situations before she partook in anything. After being in YPP for so long, Tamia has transformed into a go-getter/self-starter. If it were up to Tamia, she would facilitate every icebreaker and math game on her own. Her CMLWs are confident that she could do so! Tamia comes into YPP with such a positive outlook and never loses focus on the mission and vision of the program. She greatly enjoys mentoring her younger peers. She never becomes distracted and knows how to engage her peers in productive work.

Tamia explains how she plans on sharing YPP’s curriculum: “This YPP program has influenced me because I love math and I plan on being a math teacher in the future. This program had taught me how it will actually feel when I have to teach my own students. When I get older & become a teacher I am going to teach my students these fun acNviNes I have learned In YPP. I am going to recommend this program to some people. I want them to experience what experienced. They would love it just like I did.

”Tamia has a firm goal of studying at Harvard University and becoming a math teacher in her long-term future.