Shuhana Noor

  • Shuhana Noor
  • Cambridge, MA

Can you tell me a little about what you're doing?
So every week I go to three schools for workshops, which is what we call “outreach”. On Tuesdays I go to the Amigos school, on Wednesdays I go to the PAUS (Putnam Ave Upper School,) and today which is Thursday, I went to CSUS (Cambridge Street Upper School). What we do at these [Flagway] workshops, is we slowly start teaching [the students] about the Flagway game. First we teach them factoring, and then the algebra form of numbers, and then we're going to build up to the Flagway rules. So that's what we've been doing for about four weeks now.

How do you think Flagway helps students?
There's a lot of practice [involved], like in the factoring, so I think it is a good way to help them in math. I also like it because it’s a way to make the math fun for students that are struggling with it.

What is challenging about being a Math Literacy Worker (or Flagway coach?)
One of the challenging parts about being a coach is getting students attention. Its like, “oh hey guys can I get your attention” [laughs]. One thing we do is talk to them about the tournament and say “if we don't learn this, then how are we going to go to Ohio?” They get excited about that.

How has being a coach affected you inside or outside of the classroom?
One thing I can say is I never liked math…like math was not my subject. This year I take Algebra 2 where factoring is required and so I guess [this work] kind of plays a role in my own math class. Also, as a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. So I guess being able to teach the kids [in YPP] could be a way for me to prepare to be a teacher. But [recently] I've changed my career goal towards the medical field, because I started taking classes in high school that I'm really interested in [related] to the medical field. I feel like that was a shift from before.

How has YPP impacted you?

YPP has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and become a leader when I am facilitating. I was never the one to step out and lead something but ypp has given me the chance to try something new and discover a new skill that I never knew I had. This is also my first job that I have had and it has taught me some leadership, communication, planning, organizing and many other skills that I will need in the future. I was introduced to YPP by my friends and was excited that I was getting my first job. I’m grateful to have a job where I feel comfortable and safe working with my peers. Also that I have met new people and have connected with them through working with YPP. YPP continues to impact me positively and teaches me new skills that I will need to acquire in my future.