Math Playbook

Program Overview

Middle School student scholars from the Cambridge Public Schools share their ideas on how to make teaching and learning math more engaging. The scholars engage in a co-design process with educators to create a Math Playbook that highlights creative ways to learn and teach math.  As part of this program, scholars highlight how imaginative, participatory, and collaborative opportunities foster meaningful learning experiences.

Playbook Mission

Math Playbook experiences seek to uplift the natural abilities of youth designers to explore, create, and share their ideas about transformative math experiences for themselves, their schools, and their community. In doing so, it centers youth in organizing pathways to challenge and change institutional obstacles to their success.

Playbook Vision

We envision a day when every young person — regardless of ethnicity, gender, or class — has access to design an opportunity to collaborate with educators and math professionals to co-create opportunities that highlight creative ways to learn and teach math.

Math Playbook Framework

  • Create opportunities for scholars to use a design framework to become aware of issues they see.
  • Learn about these issues together.
  • Discover what patterns + themes stand out.
  • Identify what’s important.
  • Come up with ideas to try. Try them out. Make them better.
  • Reflect on new understandings and experiences.
  • Share learnings with others.


Math Playbook Presentation + Playbook 2020


Math Playbook Website 2021


A student-driven and designed resource for educators and families.


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If you are interested in learning more about Math Playbook, please contact Angie UyHam at [email protected].