Mansfield (@ Ohio State University - Mansfield)


Mansfield YPP began in 2008 with an Ohio State University Outreach and Engagement grant award to the Mansfield OSU campus. The site recruited 10 rising 8th graders in its initial cohort, and began working with them in a 5-day summer intensive program in July 2008. Many of those students later joined the first Algebra Project cohort at Mansfield Senior High School in September 2009, funded by the Algebra Project’s 2009 Discovery Research NSF grant. The site grew to a maximum size of 35 MLWs and 10 CMLWs, and regularly served close to 200 students in grades 3-5. The Mansfield site also collaborated for several years with a sister site hosted by Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. The two sites held joint summer institutes for 4 years, and resulted in many lasting friendships. 

The Mansfield site is currently growing in new ways, in tandem with two new cohorts of Algebra Project students (class of 2020) at Mansfield Senior High School. Mansfield YPP students and graduates have supported summer camps for teacher professional development for the past 3 years, a program that currently serves 5 school districts and almost a dozen schools, and is increasing each year. We expect this cross-fertilization to further enrich YPP students in our program.