Job Saintelien

  • Job Saintelien
  • Cambridge, MA

What are your Interests?

Video Games, Sports, and Athletics

What lab did you enjoy most, explain why. In addition, what did you learn from the lab?

I enjoyed the STEM literacy lab the most. The lab was never boring, and the leadership members help make it easier. I already knew a little about coding from the previous computational lab so partaking in the lab again only furthered my knowledge on the material we were being taught. I was able to learn how to write out the code; strings being one of them.

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of this summer's computational thinking lab?      The most memorable moment was when I won my first match during a chess session. I had learned how to play from our chess lab and after our instructor left I would practice with another Math Literacy Worker (MLWs) named Eddy during lunch break or stay after work to play some more. Since I had practiced so much I was able to beat Eddy and other MLWs.