Grace Obasi

  • Grace Obasi
  • Rex, GA

What are your interests?
I like a lot of things but currently, I've been learning a new language, watching documentaries, listening to various kinds of music, and watching anime.

What brought you to Atlanta AP/YPP?
I came to Atlanta AP/YPP because I saw it in my school email (I was a high school senior) and I thought it would be a great experience. I was also going to do a volunteer summer program at Grady Hospital again but I had to decide between the two choices. Luckily I chose to do this instead because due to COVID-19 the volunteer program ended up being canceled anyways. This is my first summer (year 1) with Atlanta AP/YPP.

What have you learned from Atlanta AP/YPP?
I've learned many things with AtlantaAPYPP. One of my biggest goals is to working on my socializing skills and with this organization I was able to meet new people and become friends with them. I learned how to adapt to different situations (we held our camp on zoom instead of in person due to COVID-19) and I learned how to plan and collaborate better with people that I didn't know previously. I also learned how important equity of voice is and how you should allow everyone to give out their opinions/ideas in order to compromise to reach your intended goals.

What do you enjoy the most from Atlanta AP/YPP?
I enjoyed planning and talking with my peers the most. Without them, the camp wouldn't have been as fun. I was able to plan how and what we were going to teach the students with my peers but I also got to joke around with them and learn more about them as a person. Another thing I liked was how welcoming and how comfortable the program made me feel which helped me feel more prepared.