Carol Njie

  • Carol Njie
  • Atlanta, GA

What are your interests?
My interests are computer science, STEM, and editing. Some times I film videos & edit them and just show them to my friends.

What brought you to Atlanta AP/YPP? How long have you been with them?
I was interested in Atlanta AP/YPP because I realized it was a great opportunity for me to help others and help myself at the same time. I was a math literacy worker and I’m not good at math so I challenged myself when I chose to apply. I’ve been with them for seven months.

What have you learned from Atlanta AP/YPP?
I learned that you don’t have to be great at math to do the job of being a math literacy worker and you can have fun teaching it.

What do you enjoy the most from Atlanta AP/YPP?
I enjoyed the icebreakers we used to create because it helped it be more lively & comfortable with each other and they were fun.