Ajavious Taylor

  • Ajavious Taylor
  • Jackson, MS

I got an invitation from a friend. The friend that told me about Ypp was Derrick. I asked him would let me attend YPP with him also. I learned from YPP, that i know YPP stands for "Young Peoples Project." This job is only for teaching math to kids, but we also can tutor with anything they are having trouble with in school. I can break down numbers way better than before. I learned how to do the factor tree, and I think its the easier way for me to break down the numbers with the factor tree. I can tach the kids at my school the color code and how to break down numbers. I think when I teach this activity at school, they will start using the factor tree to break down numbers. What i enjoy is, since I'm 15, I'm excited that i found a job because I've always wanted a job, so I can help myself at getting things that I want.