Yvelene Logiste

  • Yvelene Logiste
  • Roxbury, MA

School:Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

Year: Senior

Hometown: Cambridge

What brought you to YPP?
My best friend introduced me to i and has been trying to get me on board to see if I would be interested, so I finally gave it a try and had stayed ever since.

What have you learned?
I learned that I am pretty good and working in a team, I learned how to make math fun for kids

What can you do now that you couldn't before?
I could have never spoken in front of my peers yet alone in front of tiny children

What are some marketable skills you’ve been taught and how have you applied that at school or home?                        I learned to never give up on myself and help others who have struggled just like me. I take these skills to school and home.

What do you enjoy about YPP?
I like that I get to meet new people and have fun doing math with the kids. Also building a strong relationship with the kids.

Overall I think this is a cool program to get the youth off of the streets. It helps kids like me find a job and willing to help younger kids and inspire them for when they become older. I really enjoy the job.