Shauntavia Kizer

  • Shauntavia Kizer
  • Chicago, IL

Shauntavia Kizer is a 16 year old junior at North Lawndale College Prep High School and a Math Literacy Worker in Chicago, IL.

Shauntavia joined YPP during the fall 2014 session. She is currently working a part-time job but she regularly keeps in touch with her CMLWs and peers.

Shauntavia is a great MLW because she brings a different perspective to the table. She can demand the attention from her audience easily and effectively. She always came into the program with a positive attitude and ready to learn. She is willing to try new things and is open to consider her peer’s ideas. Shauntavia is a self-starter. She came in ready to lead her peers and start the sessions with positive energy!

Shauntavia shares, “Being in YPP makes me feel good, because it’s kind of a different setting from things I am used to. I have got to learn how to work with others better. I also have learned to talk to people better than what I’m used to. I really like the program.”