Samuel Muzac

  • Samuel Muzac
  • Roxbury, MA

What do you enjoy the most from YPP? Why?

I enjoy coming up with games and lessons with my coworkers because it's fun to hear others opinions and great ideas.

What have you learned so far that you have found the most valuable for yourself and why?

I learned how to code Python, and why code/steps need to be specific. That is the most valuable for myself because I want to pursue a career in coding.

Would you recommend YPP to any of your friends? Why?

I would recommend YPP to my friends because the experience you get at YPP teaching kids about flagway, and watching them learn and have fun is great.

What brought you to YPP?

SuccessLink, a site full of summer jobs for Boston teenagers, showed me YPP as an option, and I chose it because it seemed interesting.