Noore Elkatta

  • Noore Elkatta
  • Cambridge, MA

What are your Interests?
Some interests include cooking, drawing, and playing lacrosse.

What lab did you enjoy most, explain why. In addition, what did you learn from the lab?
I enjoyed Outreach the most because I like the experience of working with younger students and teaching them a concept that they may use in their everyday lives. I like the challenge as well because I learned how to be more adaptable when a difficult situation occurred whether it be more students showed up than expected or just their behavior was the issue. I was able to think quickly on my feet when these situations happened.

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of this summer's computational thinking lab?
The highlight of this summer was being engaged in a conversation during Bio4Climate lab because I asked a lot of questions about things that I have wanted to know for a long time such as daily acts that could be part of a solution for global warming and was able to get answers for it.