Nadia Kassim

  • Nadia Kassim
  • Atlanta, GA

What are your interests?
I like reading, writing , anime, kpop, kdrama and rock/heavy metal.

What brought you to Atlanta AP/YPP? How long have you been with them?
I received an email about it and I thought it looked interesting since I loved math . My first meeting was on February 22, so I could say I’ve been with them since February.

What have you learned from Atlanta AP/YPP?
I relearned things about math that has long been forgotten in my brain . I also learned new things such as Algebra forms or Mobius code . I learned that I should Always be ready to improve and move around a schedule when needed.

What do you enjoy the most from Atlanta AP/YPP?
I enjoyed talking with the other people because it has been forever since I have talked to people for that long because of quarantine .