Kyle Tate

  • Kyle Tate
  • New York, NY

Age: 17
The Facing History School

What brought you to YPP?                                                                                                                                            Kelley drop the bomb at me asking if like math. And that I will be educating kids in a different way.

What do you enjoy most about YPP?                                                                                                                          Educating young fellas about math.

Why do you think YPP is important?                                                                                                                                   I feel YPP is important because it helped to keep me off the streets and help kids that struggle in math to think outside the box.

How has participating in YPP affected you?                                                                                                                Keeping me off the street Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3-6. 

Do you have any other interests?                                                                                                                                Having a job 5 days a week limit to 15 hours per week.