Julia Turner Lowe

Cambridge, MA

JuliaTurnerLowe_150b.jpgJulia Turner Lowe has worked at serval nonprofits and governmental agencies in Connecticut, the Greater Boston area and Hattiesburg, MS. Julia is committed to using her skills to help organizations manage limited resources, to ensure that the organization develops and maintain requisite systems, and to help facilitate and embrace change while maintaining its core mission.

Julia was a Board member and worked as Business and Property Manager of Equity in Housing, Middletown, CT; Budget and Grants Manager for HUD, Federal Highways and Public Transit funds for the City of Hattiesburg, MS and has consulted with many non-profits and small businesses.

Julia Turner Lowe has a BBA in Business Administration, MPA-Financial Management and MA, English. She also loves theatre, art, music and currently volunteers at a local museum.