Javari McClendon

  • Javari McClendon
  • Chicago, IL

Javari McClendon is a 16 year old sophomore at Chicago Hope Academy and a Math Literacy Worker in Chicago, IL.

Javari joined YPP during the first YPP Chicago session. He has remained commiSed to YPP’s work since the summer of 2014. Javari manages to balance his keen passion for basketball with his devoNon to the program. Javari is a great mulNtasker and he is consistently eager to learn. His CMLWs and peers have noNced a great development in his ability to overcome his shyness. He agrees by stating, “some speech skills that I improved are my articulation, rate, [and my] pronunciation.”

When asked how being in YPP makes him feel, Javari states: “It makes me feel like somebody. And like I have a purpose because I like feeling like I can help somebody improve and get beSer. And also have authority with myself. I also feel very mature being able to work in this type of environment.”

Javari shares how YPP has encouraged him to consider college as an option: “YPP has helped me a lot. When I first began I was a freshman with no plans. I wasn’t even thinking about going to college. My instructors and peers helped me. Even though basketball is my first opNon I still want to go to college for sports management.” Javari aspires to study at either the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign or at the University of Michigan.