Farel Adelson

  • Farel Adelson
  • Cambridge, MA

What have you learned so far that you have found the most valuable for yourself and why? 

What I learned so far that I found most value for myself is how to teach people stuff specifically kids. At first I was nervous about the Idea of having to teach kids but eventually I got more comfortable with it. I thought that it would be harder than it was to actually teach them. But it the end as long as we made the learning fun the kids were interested.

Would you recommend YPP to any of your friends? Why? 

Yes I would recommend YPP to my friends because of the values they have about teaching and helping the community. Sometimes it's better for kids to learn when someone close to their age is teaching them. So if I had a friend who wants to teach kids I would recommend YPP.

What brought you to YPP? 

The reason I chose YPP was because im interested in STEM, and wanted to experience what it would be like to work as a STEM Literacy worker.