Eddy Rugwiza

  • Eddy Rugwiza
  • Cambridge, MA

What are your Interests?

Sports: Basketball, and Football 

What lab did you enjoy most, explain why. In addition, what did you learn from the lab?

The lab I enjoyed the most was Outreach because I had so much fun spending time with the kids. Through participating in all the activities with the kids I was able to help them enjoy math in a way I wish I was introduced when I was younger. I properly learned prime composite factorization and got to pass on the knowledge I had with the outreach kids.

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of this summer's computational thinking lab?

The highlight this summer was when I  chose to take a little charge and inform my co-workers that the leadership team has chosen to let us lead ourselves, and that's exactly we were able to accomplish a day's work of worth without their help.