Davidson Guerrier

  • Davidson Guerrier
  • South Boston, MA

What do you enjoy the most from YPP? Why? 

The sense of unity that we have and the fact that everyone tries their best to respect each other. There is also a lot of info that we are learning and digesting which we then relay to people younger then us.

Would you recommend YPP to any of your friends? Why? 

Yes because it is a good opportunity and it also makes it easier for people, like me, who wanna become leaders, to get the experience that we need.

What have you learned so far that you have found the most valuable for yourself and why? 

The most important/valuable thing that I've learned would probably be coding aspect of the job because with that, jobs will be easier to find and it's also something that reflects really well on your resume.

What brought you to YPP? 

It was brought to my attention by my school and I deemed a good opportunity.

How has YPP impacted you?

I had the opportunity to join YPP, formally known as the Young People’s Project, about 4 years ago. During a time when I was looking for a new opportunity, a guidance counselor helped to administrate a few choices and YPP just so happened to be the one that I decided to stick with. At first, I told myself that, although it sounds like a more nuanced opportunity, it also has a lot to do with math so it may not be the ideal choice. After joining YPP, my mentality began to grow in a path that I could never have anticipated. This deep, underlying thought built up. “Our education system is highly flawed.” I began to realize that our education system treats every student the same, and that they only see one path to success. What stuck to me was the fact that everybody learns differently and at different paces. To give everyone a one size fits all education plan is just like giving someone with the flu the medication for a common cold, obviously it wouldn’t work for everyone but it may work for a select few. This is something that YPP has helped me realize and it’s something that I’ve personally decided to start tackling. Four years later, and this mentality have become something that I preach to everyone and it helps me cope with a lot of the challenges that a common teen must face. I believe that underneath the math cover, this job is helping teens realize the worth and importance of challenging what most people don’t even dare to question, it’s creating a deep sense of urgency in our future leaders and that’s why I’m happy I chose YPP!