Adianez Cabral

  • Adianez Cabral
  • Wayland, MA

What are some marketable skills have you been taught and how have you applied them in school and home?

A skill that YPP has taught me is to become a more confident public speaker. This has made a great difference in my participation in class I have become a more outspoken student and I contribute more in all my classes.      

What do you enjoy the most from YPP?

I love seeing the way a child’s face lights up when they finally understand the content that is being taught. Seeing this makes me feel like I’m making a difference and there's no greater joy than helping someone and see them grow and learn. This is what I most enjoy for working with YPP.

What have you learned from YPP?

YPP has taught me plenty of things. I have acquired the skills that make a leader, a teacher. I’ve learned how to adapt to the way others think and learn and help them understand the content in their own way.