Math and Coding

Coding Camps

In April 2015, YPP Greater Boston piloted its first Coding Camp with 25 young people who learned to code. The project was a joint initiative of the Young People’s Project and Resilient Coders.


The “Hackathon”
Over the course of one week, students are taught by tech professionals, and coached along by their peers, as they spend a week building web- sites. During that time, they learn HTML/CSS, pick up Agile/Lean practices, and they meet local tech entrepreneurs and author. The first coding camp featured presentations by Vsnap CTO Chris Swenor, and Tim Wright, author and Tech Director of UX at Fresh Tilled Soil.

Demo Day
On the last day, the coding camp participants present their work to their peers, parents, community members and the tech industry volunteers and their colleagues. Each presentation ends with a “Next Steps,” during which the student talk about what they want to do next with their websites.

Coding Camp Brochure

National Science Foundation Award: "Bridging Math & Digital Media Literacy"

From 2010 - 2014, with the support of the National Science Foundation-ITEST division (Award # 1031633), YPP created a pilot program called Bridging Math & Media Literacy (BMM). This project guided high school students through a mathematics-based, programming experience which prepared them to teach mathematics and programming to middle school students. Using a "drag and drop" programming language called “Scratch”, the participants explored mathematical concepts. Products of the project included two modules, the first using video games based on existing mathematics games and the second using simulations to explore social issues. The goals of the project were (1) to develop computational literacy as well as mathematical literacy and (2) encourage students to pursue STEM careers.

YPP SCRATCH Student Gallery - A sampling of projects created by YPP Math Literacy Workers