Steve Rasmussen

Founder/Publisher, Key Curriculum Press
Emeryville, CA

steve.jpgSteven Rasmussen is president of KCPT Technologies and currently serves as Co-Principal Investigator on KCPT’s NSF funded, Introducing Dynamic Number as a Transformative Technology for Number and Early Algebra project. He is Co-founder, Publisher and “Advocate for Change” at Key Curriculum Press where he has worked for four decades on software and textbook development.
He has authored workbooks and has served as Principal Investigator on two previous NSF projects.

Mr. Rasmussen has degrees in mathematics and mathematics education from Temple University. He taught secondary mathematics for seven years in Pennsylvania and California.

Mr. Rasmussen serves on boards and advisory boards of many organizations, including his local Emery Education Fund, the Massachusetts-based Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP), Women and Mathematics Education (an NCTM affiliate), Business for Science, Math and Related Technologies Education (an education advocacy organization in California), the Young People’s Project, the Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum, and the Friday Institute at NCSU.

Mr. Rasmussen has given hundreds of workshops and talks on mathematics teaching at national and international professional meetings and has worked on projects throughout Asia.