Victoria Doctor

  • Victoria Doctor
  • Decatur, GA

What are your interests?

I enjoy mathematics of course and being an all around creative. In my spare time I dance, act, paint and I like to think of myself as a movie enthusiast.

What brought you to AtlantaAPYPP? How long have you been with them?

I was introduced to AtlantaAPYPP in 2015 while in undergrad at Spelman College. I was a mathematics major and wanted a little extra cash before my study abroad trip. I was on my way to do math research in Glasgow, Scotland and my cousin told me about this amazing program. Little did I know the program was going to change my life forever.

What have you learned from AtlantaAPYPP?

What hasn’t this program taught me? I learned how to be creative and have fun while doing math. I learned to not focus on grades but to focus on the growth. Making mistakes with AtlantaAPYPP is one of my favorites because that’s where the learning is for me.

What do you enjoy the most from AtlantaAPYPP?

I enjoy the friends I’ve made. They are the best. This program forces you to have a productive struggle so you’re bound to make long lasting relationships.